Welcome to the online home of JUNO Award-nominated trombonist, multi-instrumentalist, composer, and educator Jim Hopson.  Use this site as a portal for information about my various musical projects,  albums, compositions, and services.


‘Meat Salad’ is a new piece for solo bass trombone commissioned by Ilan Morgenstern of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. Inspired in part by the slap-bass stylings of artists like Bootsy Collins and in part by the inimitable trombone playing of ‘Funky Fred’ Wesley, this piece is simultaneously a groovy crowd-pleaser and an acrobatic showstopper. ‘Meat Salad’ gives the advanced bass trombonist the opportunity unleash his/her full repertoire of tricks including: trills, growls, turns, glissandi, extended range, and just about every type articulation imaginable.

For advanced performers; tenor trombone version also available


Rocky Mountain Alphorns

Generations (2018)

Father/son duo William & Jim Hopson have collaborated to produce a landmark Alphorn album. ‘Generations’ honours the rich history of the instrument, while looking toward its bright future. This is a must-listen project for both Alphorn aficionados and music lovers in general!

Original sheet music from the album is also available!

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